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Product Recommendation, Behavioral Messages, Pop Up.
Push your users to action!

Create a truly personalized web surfing experience!

Automatically customize your ecommerce website in real time. Each visitor will enjoy a customized experience based on his unique web surfing, behavioral and features.

You can recognize, for example, if he is a new user, a user who buys a lot or a user coming from a particular channel, in order to show him the most relevant products and messages.

Customized Communication

Recognize your user behavior and history – even of the anonymous ones – and show relevant content based on their belonging segment.

You can personalize slideshows, images, banners or any other communication features.

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Product Recommendations

You can use many customizable algorithms, to show the most relevant product to each visitor.

Use these “recommendation algorithms” on each page of your site:

  • Home page,
  • Category Page,
  • Product Page,
  • Cart,
  • Thank You Page,

and any other page you want, maximizing up-sell and cross-sell opportunities!

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Behavioral Messages

Act before the customers leave your site!

Show them messages (pop-ups, banners) while web surfing, soliciting the hesitant users in the most appropriate way, by understanding their behavior with real-time actions.

These messages will be automatically customized by Adabra with the most suitable contents and products for each segment of users!

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A/B Testing

You can perform many A/B/X tests that will allow you to constantly optimize your site by identifying the most effective messages and recommendations for each user segment.

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Improve the internal research of your web site

If you are unsatisfied with the search results of your ecommerce Adabra is the perfect solution for you.

Thanks to Adabra Smart Search you will always have the most relevant and customized results from your internal search engine.

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Adabra Artificial Intelligence learns the behaviors of your visitors and solicits them in the most appropriate way.

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