Segment your audience effortlessly

with Adabra personalized posts for sophisticated audiences

Increase your users engagement with social networks.

A customer journey is not completed if you can not interact with your customers on social media, where they spend most of their time.

Thanks to Adabra you can control and use the social networks as a source of lead generation and a way to re-engage your customers after they have browsed your web site.

Facebook Lead Ads

Adabra automatically creates user segments from Facebook Lead Ads campaigns and increases the ROI of these campaigns by optimizing the re-engagement system.


Facebook Campaign Manager

With Adabra’s Campaign Manager, you can manage your Facebook campaigns directly from your platform, using all the information gathered on your clients, increasing the performance of these campaigns with highly personalized content.

Thanks to Adabra you can communicate with each user differently, for example by distinguishing VIP users from new ones and showing them a customized message to increase their engagement!

Custom Audience And Always Up-to-date Catalogs

Keep the Custom Audience of your users up to date in real time without any effort!

You will avoid re-contacting the users who have recently changed their status within the customer journey.

Do not worry about keeping the catalog and product availability up to date on your social media: Adabra will take care of it by synchronizing the products for your Dynamic Product Ads “Carousel” campaigns.

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