Perfect Search Results, To Improve Conversions

Adabra's A.I. algorithms works within your web site's internal search engine for an
extremely relevant and customized results for every user

Enjoy The Search!

If you are unsatisfied with your e-commerce searching results Adabra is the perfect solution.

Thanks to Adabra’s Smart Search you will always have the relevant results form your internal search engine.

The algorithms improve the search results by making them customized for each user.

Fix typing errors

The Adabra search engine will automatically correct the typing errors in real time, finding similar products to the chosen word. Your users won’t notice anything and will still get the best results for a web surfing experience without interruption.

Did you mean...

The Adabra Smart Search is able to understand, based on the sophisticated proprietary segmentation system, the search intentions of the single user. Artificial intelligence will process the user actions in real time to suggest the best result.

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