Make your customers
omnichannel experiences unique

Build a long lasting relationship with your customers by recognizing and gratifying them

Offer your clients a true Total Retail experience

You will be able to recognize users and their interactions through each channel and build customized omnichannel experiences that will gratify your clients and maximize your investment.

Thanks to Adabra A.I. you can foretell which channel will be the most effective for each user.

A.I. Customer Intelligence for salesperson

Adabra allows you to provide your sales person staff with an artificial intelligence system that, in addition to help them recognizing the user, shows if and which products the user has browsed, if he has products in the cart and the products he might buy.

Track the actions even on POS

Adabra, thanks to its sophisticated Big Data system, is able to collect and standardize any action coming from different offline sources.

Track your client actions in the store and understand which distribution channels are the most effective for your marketing strategy.

Salesperson Training

Simplify the training process of your employees.

You can use Adabra to keep your sales person staff or customer service staff constantly up to date to actively promote the products on vogue or to push those with stock issues.

You can communicate any new commercial action in real time and with no extra effort.

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