The Physical Store, Your Most Important Touch Point

Create a truly omnichannel experience by recognizing your customers in the shops.

Experience Manager

The owners of an online and physical stores  know how crucial it is to give your customers the most coherent experience through all channels.

This uniformity is one of the keys to create a unique and personalized customer experience.

Thanks to Adabra you will be able to recognize the users through the channels he has used and collect the shopping information from the store.

Intelligence for salesperson

Adabra allows you to provide your sales staff with an artificial intelligence system that, in addition to help them recognizing the user, shows if and which products the user has browsed on the web site, if he has products in the cart and the products he might more likely buy.

Increase the conversion rate of your sales staff. By analyzing the behavior of similar users, the platform learns the products the customer is interested in.

Track in store activities and unify the omnichannel experience

Thanks to the sophisticated gathering and standardization of data, Adabra can also aggregate and use the data collected in the store.

By tracking loyalty car transactions or the interactions made directly with the product, you can evaluate, for example, the effectiveness of drive-to-store campaigns or improve the allocation of your online investments.

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