Show The Best Products To Each Customer

A powerful Product Recommendation Engine capable of customizing your site and your communications in real time.

Customize the offer for your users

Adabra analyzes the behaviors and purchases of every visitor of your store, creating individual profiles for each customer and classifying them into the most appropriate belonging segments.

Thanks to this information Adabra will show the visitor the most relevant products in real time, creating a personalized experience and significantly increasing new sales.

Algorithms and A.I.

With Adabra you can use a many algorithms, customizable for each user belonging segment, in order to show them the most relevant products.

Improve your performance.
The Artificial Intelligence will learn which recommendations will get the best results and will show these with the frequency best suited to the segment.

Customize every page of your web site and every communication

Customization algorithms can be used in any page of your web site, from home page to cart, but also for behavioral messages and especially to personalize all your communications (email, sms, push notification etc.) and social networks, realizing a truly dynamic and personalized retargeting that boosts the engagement of your clients.


Easy configuration

Adabra provides you with a gallery of graphic templates to choose from.

The graphic and content personalization can be adapted very easily to the graphic of your web site.

In addition, you can conduct A/B/X tests in order to monitor which format works best for each segment, improving your conversion rate.

Improve your web site internal research engine

If you are unsatisfied with the search results of your ecommerce Adabra is the perfect solution.

Thanks to Adabra’s Smart Search you will have the relevant results from your internal search engine, always customized for each user.

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Customize the A.I. engine's learning.

You can use all the attributes – stocks, margins, tags – that you consider necessary to educate the artificial intelligence engine.

Do you have overstock products? Adabra will give them automatically more prominence, giving you the time to concentrate on more value-added activities. Conversely, you might decide not to show out of stock products .

Do you want to show more products with higher margins? Let Adabra find the right displaying equilibrium to maximize your results.

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