Connect The Online And Offline Channels

Adabra is the solution to build long lasting relationships with your customers

Customize the cross-channel experience of your customers

It is very important for a retailer to be able to create a unique and memorable experience for his customers. The merging of the online and offline experience is today the key to retail success and it requires tools that can interact with both digital and physical properties. Thanks to Adabra technology, it is possible to integrate, in one big data system, the data from:

  • CMS
  • CRM
  • Loyalty Systems
  • Cash management
  • ERP

Give a unique customized web surfing experience to each visitor

Thanks to Adabra you will be able to automatically customize the communication and product of your ecommerce web site. Each user will enjoy a personalized experience based on his unique features of interest, web surfing and behavior. Show you clients the most relevant products with the most effective communications based on their belonging segment. Thanks to the ability to operate in real time, you will create unique experiences for each user.

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Customized flyers and offers

Thanks to Adabra, you can create customized promotions for each client, by investigating and foretelling the most suitable products for them, not only based on clear preferences, but also on the products that similar users have chosen in the past. Once the basic rules are set, Adabra will take care of creating customized communications and sending them through the various communication channels at your disposal:

  • sms
  • e-mail
  • social
  • messenger
  • telegram …

Customer Intelligence for salesperson

Adabra allows you to provide your staff with an artificial intelligence system that, in addition to help recognizing the user, shows if and which products the user has seen on the web site, if he has products in the cart and the products the customer might more likely buy.

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Communicate with your customers through multiple channels

Use Adabra to communicate automatically with your customers through the various channels at your disposal. The A.I. engine figures out which channel is best suited to each user and will endorse it among others, giving your clients the best possible experience.

Loyalty Card

Integrating the data of your loyalty program will allow you to create automated customized bids based on tastes and buying habits.

Artificial Intelligence will help you to show products more likely to create a conversion automatically, via social channels, sms or email and analyze your customers buying habits.

Business Intelligence

The behavioral analysis of the different segments will allow you to understand which are the most profitable, the most used and which have entered a “risky” phase and do not interact with you any more.

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