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Give a unique web surfing experience to each visitor
of your website

With Adabra you will be able to automatically customize the communication and product of your website.

Each user will enjoy a personalized experience based on his unique features of interest, web surfing and behavior. You can offer them the most relevant products and the most effective communications based on their segment of belonging.

Thanks to the ability to operate in real time, Adabra creates unique experiences for each user.

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Your digital and non-digital marketing activities must necessarily be focused on your customers.

Thanks to the Adabra advanced segmentation, you can use demographic and behavioural features to understand the stage in which these features are within the customer Lifecycle, tracking his online and offline behavior.

These dynamic and constantly updated segments give you the opportunity to know your customers and give them the most customized experiences.


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Cross-device customization, communication and products.

Adabra is able to trace the users behavior and history, even for the anonymous ones, and propose them relevant products.

You will recognize your users on all of your digital properties for a truly unified cross device experience.

Product Recommendation Engine

Adabra analyzes the behaviors and purchases of every single visitor of your store, recreating individual profiles and classifying them into the most appropriate belonging segments.

Thanks to this information Adabra will show the visitor the most relevant products in real time, making the user’s web surfing experience really personalized and greatly increasing the customer experience and the possibility of new purchases.


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Customized Messages

Create personalized messages in real time, do not wait for your customers to leave your site before you take action!

With the possibility to submit them real-time messages (pop-ups, banners), you can optimize the web surfing, soliciting the hesitant users in the most appropriate way, by understanding their online behavior.


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Off Site Communication

Adabra allows you, with over 300 configurable triggers, to engage your users even when they have abandoned your site thanks to:

– custom emails

– custom sms

– social

– telegram

– push in app

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