Attract your visitors with real-time
behavioral messages

Reduce the abandonment rate with personalized and automated promotions and offers.

Customized Real Time Messages

Act before your users leave the web site!
Show them messages (pop-ups, banners) during web surfing, soliciting the hesitant users by understanding their behavior and acting in real-time.

These messages will be automatically customized by Adabra with the most suitable content and products for each segment of users!

Act Differently For Each Segment

Display different messages based on your user’s belonging segments. Recognize new users and the ones who have already purchased from your web site and show them the most appropriate messages.

Increase the number of lead generated thanks to messages and incentives specifically created for non-registered users.


Convince Hesitant Clients!

Adabra intercepts the behavior of “hesitant” visitors by getting their attention with targeted and personalized messages.

Use the most appropriate incentives to the single segment, distinguishing, for example, users who prefer to have incentives on shipping, percentages, etc.

Among the various available features there is the possibility to offer limited time discount codes, creating a sense of urgency and encouraging customers to act.

Increase your ecommerce sales today!
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