Boost the one-to-one communication

Make each email unique for content and products shown.

Less email, more effectiveness

Contact each individual user with truly customized communications, in content and frequency.

You will substantially reduce the number of generic emails, drastically increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the message.

Adabra’s Artificial Intelligence will be able to learn the behaviors of your visitors and solicit them in the most appropriate way.


Automatically personalize every single email with relevant content and products for each user.

Enhance the level of engagement of your emails by integrating elements that will appear in real time when your clients open them.

Significantly increase the conversion rate of your email marketing campaigns while reducing the effort to create them.

Triggered Campaign

Choose from over 300 triggers to create the proper communication for each user.

Plan the re-engage experiences of the different segments and let Adabra take care of everything else.

You can evaluate the effectiveness of each channel and then decide how to optimize the budget of your next campaign!

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ESP: Complete integration with third-party platforms

If your company is already using an e-mail marketing platform, Adabra provides you with a powerful widgets that can integrate (via esp) with your creativities so you don’t have to change your suppliers.

Increase the effectiveness of your e-mails today!
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