Customize The Communication, Get Close To People

Our artificial intelligence engine takes all data into account and learns constantly

Use the perfect communication

Customize all your website communication in real time to show your visitors the most appropriate content for their interests.

Personalization even for the users not yet registered.

Customize your communication even for the users visiting your website for the first time and have shown some specific interest or come from specific channels (e.g. from an AdWords campaign on a specific product).

Customization On Site
and Off Site.

With Adabra you can personalize your online and offline communication.

Dynamic retargeting and custom emails are just a few examples of how to re-engage the user in the best way.

Improve your web site
internal search engine

If you are unsatisfied with the search results of your ecommerce this is the perfect solution. Thanks to Adabra’s Smart Search you will always have the best relevant results form your internal search engine.

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