Proactive Customer Care And Call Center

Our dashboards guide your operators

Customer Service 2.0

With Adabra you can provide your customer service operators with tools that identify and foretell the customer behavior, significantly increasing the conversions and the quality of the service provided.

Customize the interaction

Enhance your call center: give your operators the opportunity to offer customized promotions and offers to each customer.

Through Adabra’s intelligence, operators will be able to offer products, discount codes and promotions, defined by the marketing office and selected by Adabra, based on the profile of the user who is interacting with your support.

It is possible to activate this module for telephone customer support and via web chat.

Make profit from the work done by your operators

By mixing your activities through the Adabra CRM module with the tools you already have, you will be able to automatically recontact the users who have interacted with your support.

You will be able to send emails and recall sms, display reminders on your website every time they visit it, in order to encourage them to buy new products.

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