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Know your customers and centralize the management of your segments

Your digital and non-digital marketing activities must necessarily be focused on your customers.

Thanks to the Adabra advanced segmentation, you can use demographic, past and present behavioral features to understand the stage on which they are within the Customer Lifecycle, tracking their behavior both online and offline.

These dynamic and constantly real-time updated segments will allow you to know your customers and build personalized experiences.

real time suggestions and preferences

The possibility to create dynamic segments will allow you to:

  1. Interact with your customers in real time,
  2. be sure that these segments are constantly updated,
  3. communicate outside of your properties,
  4. show your clients relevant products and proper communications.

Advanced reports for audience tracking

Thanks to advanced reports, you can understand in real time how users are moving within your website and foretell what their behavior will be in the future. Adabra follows your visitors throughout their life cycle, from the first anonymous web surfing on your site to their first purchase, in order to recognize your best customers or those who will probably leave you.This will allow you to have a clear picture of the relevance of the different segments, from those numerically relevant to those that show a particular interest in your brand.


Within Adabra you will be able to create filters based on the users lifecycle, behavior, real-time activity as well as demographic characteristics.These filters can be mixed together, creating complex segments that can describe your audiences in an extremely accurate way to study and create personalized experiences.


Segments are one of the main elements on which artificial intelligence expresses all its potentiality.Machine Learning and Predictive Capability will make possible to analyze and foretell the behavior or the rewarding reminders for each user in every segment.

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