Know Your Customer, Enjoy The Experience

Anticipate your customers desires and create unforgettable omnichannel experiences.

A.I. Marketing Automation Omnichannel

Adabra allows you to create unique and customized experiences for each user,
by coordinating and adapting your marketing activities on all online and offline channels in real time.
The centralized audiences and sophisticated algorithms, capable of learning and adapting to the user behavior,
allow you to optimize your sales results.

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Increase Your Sales With Adabra

Thanks to real-time reports you will understand how the users are moving within your website
and show them the most relevant products, creating a real customized shopping experience!
Communicate in the most effective way with each customer segment and maximize your investment by increasing their value over time.

   Conversion Rate
average data referring to the last 12 months of activity

Audience Analytics and Customer Life Time Value Optimization

Segment your users based on all available information.
Take advantage of marketing automation for sales and retention goals.

Simple and fast installation

Whether you are using a built-in CMS or a custom platform, Adabra installation requires a few simple steps. We currently support over 20+ platforms and you don’t need to change your suppliers or habits.

Custom platform?

No problem! We can integrate within a few hours with each Proprietary Platform.

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