Propose customized products

Show your customers the most relevant products based on their behavior and customize their net-surfing

Personalize your visitor’s experience

Adabra analyzes the behavior and purchases of each visitor in your store.

You can therefore create individual profiles for each customer and integrate them in the most appropriate segments.

Based on the resulting profile and belonging segments, Adabra will show the visitors the most relevant products directly into your website creating a customized navigation and increasing the possibility of finalizing new sales.

30% of the sales generated on Amazon come from personal recommendations we offer our visitors.

Amazon Annual Report 2014

Easy configuration

Adabra offers you a gallery of graphic templates to choose from.

With the provided control panel you can change whenever you want the look of each element to match the look of your e-commerce site.

Our team will assist you through the entire process.

Why should you use Adabra for your e-commerce?

Because it just takes a few clicks to boost your online store and get a quick increase of your sales and a ROI improvement.

Simple installation

Whether you are using a CMS or a custom platform developed by yourself, the installation of Adabra takes a few simple steps.

Integration with third-party platforms

Adabra is suitable for many third-party platforms so you don’t have to change your suppliers or your habits.

Custom Layout

The creativity that Adabra offers can be customized in a few simple clicks to perfectly match the “look & feel” of your website and e-commerce.

Audience analysis

Grazie alle reportistiche offerte sarà possibile coglierne i percorsi e le modalità con cui i visitatori interagiscono con il vostro sito web.

Real time Data

Thanks to a powerful infrastructure Adabra can process a large volume of data in real time to maximize the interaction with each visitor

Custom Segments

The segments identified automatically and in real time by Adabra, can be expanded to reflect your feelings and knowledge of the market.

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