Boost Sales by Knowing your Customer

Adabra is a Marketing Automation platform that increases sales of e-commerce and retailers offering their users personalized and enjoyable shopping experience by analyzing the behaviors and showing the most relevant products for each of them

Marketing Automation Natively Omnichannel

Adabra allows a cohesive coordination of the marketing activities between physical and digital channels.

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Audience analysis and behavioral predictions

Adabra analyzes your visitors and create a personal shopping experience. With the real time reporting you understand how customers browse your website and can suggest products allied to their preferences

Unique experience for Each user

make nice and exciting for your customers browsing your website and communication with your brand

See the full features list

Simple installation

Whether you use a CMS or a custom-developed platform, the installation of Adabra takes a few simple steps.

Integration with third-party platforms

Adabra integrates with dozens of third-party platforms. You don’t have to change your providers or your habits.

Custom Layout

The creativity offered by Adabra can be customized in few simple clicks so it perfectly matches the “look & feel” of your website and e-commerce

Audience Analysis

With the provided reporting it’s possible to understand the way the visitors interact with your website.

Real time data

Thanks to a powerful infrastructure, Adabra processes a large volume of data in real time to maximize the interaction with each visitor

Custom Segments

The segments, automatically identified in real time by Adabra, can be expanded to reflect your feelings and knowledge of the market.

Easy and fast installation

Currently we support over 20+ platforms, we can also integrate in a few hours with each Proprietary Platform (Custom)